Nora Nolan – Two Brides for Big Rock

What’s a little murder and theft when you’re in love?


Here’s the first tale of the new spicy, fast-paced Operation Big Rock Romance series. This is a spin-off series from the original five-book Big Rock Romance Collection.

The Ladies Aid Society is determined to find brides for the bachelors who have moved to their town in the last two or three years. Their first attempt is for Angus Kelly, a red-haired giant of an Irishman. The society members have written to all their old friends across the country, and one willing respondent seems to be perfect for Angus: Nessa O’Shea.

At the same time, Detectives Deacon Snow and his brother have been hired by a bank in Rawlins to search for the criminals who stole a shipment of newly minted gold coins intended for three different banks. On the way to the San Francisco mint, with help from Deacon’s sister-in-law Lilac Indigo, they befriend a young woman named Tillie Youngblood. Tillie is headed for San Francisco, too. No one could have foretold the unexpected connection or seen the effect Tillie would have on all of them in such a short time.

Publisher’s Note: The first book in a new series, this can also be read as a standalone. This humorous, action-filled, Western romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Deacon put his arms out and took hold of her shift, slowly pulling up the fabric and bunching it in his hands as he did. When he held the hem in his hands, he pulled the shift up and off her head.

Her instinct was to cover her breasts and mound, but before she could, he caught her hands.

“Darlin’, let me look at you.” He ran his hands down to her breasts, then let them wander lower to her triangle of hair. “So soft.”

He walked behind her and ran his hands down from her shoulders to her buttocks, taking one in each hand and squeezing it. There was a mirror above the dresser, and he turned her so they were both facing it, him standing directly behind her.

Tillie’s blush was easily visible, even in the mirror.  “Deacon, aren’t you going to get undressed?”

He smiled indulgently. “Yes, soon, but give me this. I want to see you, all of you, and I want you to see what I see. I want you to see how beautiful you are.”

He put his arms around her, encompassing her own arms, and took a breast in each hand. He gently rolled them, learning their weight and form. He concentrated then on her nipples, pinching and tugging and toggling until Tillie sighed and closed her eyes.

“Does that feel good, darlin’?”

Tillie exhaled the breath she’d been holding, and gave a little smile. “More than I can describe.”

Deacon felt her clench and unclench her fists. Amused, he whispered, “Do you need something to do with your hands, little one?”

She laughed, softly and nervously, when she realized she’d been clenching them. He took her hands, pulled them behind her, and placed them on his hardness.

“There, now you can put those hands to good use, and explore all you want.”

Her eyes widened, but she did begin to explore.

He continued his own exploration, concentrating again on her nipples. He teased the hard little buds with feather touches, then hard pinches, then gentle pulls, then flicking touches. He noticed Tillie subtly trying to press her legs together, squeezing in. He also noticed her eyes were closed again.

“Open your eyes.”

She did, and watched his hand in the mirror as it moved slowly down her belly, into her thatch of hair, and to a sensitive place below it. She gave a little cry and a gasp, and closed her eyes again.

“No, darlin’, keep them open. Watch my eyes in the mirror. That’s it.”

Deacon continued teasing her left breast and nipple while the fingers of his right hand teased that little bundle of nerves below. Tillie watched his eyes in the mirror, and tried to keep from making any movements. Soon she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t keep her hips from undulating a little, and she found herself pushing harder into his fingers. He held her gaze, his eyes dark and smoky, and she realized he’d been waiting for her body to respond this way.

“Deacon, please, make me feel the way you did that night you spanked me. I want you!”

Deacon reached his hand down further between her legs and found her wetness dripping down her thighs.

Something like a growl escaped his lips. He pushed her back until she fell down on the bed. He kicked off his own boots and socks as he ripped off his clothes, never taking his eyes off her body. He’d waited far too long for this.

Author Bio:

Nora Nolan is my pen name.  It’s nice to meet you!  I came to writing a bit late in life but have always wanted to do it.  I’d find myself reading a book and think to myself, “Wow, that passage was great, but I wish it had {fill in the blank}.”   Then one day I was challenged by a book on time and life management to write down a goal I wanted to achieve within 12 months.  I buckled down and followed the book’s instructions, and my first three manuscripts were completed within five months.   And that five months included having a demanding day job for three months and time out for major surgery!

I love to read novels – all kinds. What’s better than sinking into a good mystery while you’re curled up with a nice cup of Lady Grey tea in front of the fireplace? Maybe a romance? Maybe a romance with a little fire? Oh, yeah. You know what I mean. So, I like to write those things, too. My stories usually have fairly normal, sexy, fun, and slightly kinky relationships between loveable women and hot alpha males. So if you like age play, strong D/s lifestyles, bondage, violence, or women who beg to be chained, you might want to look for other authors. I’m not there yet!

I live in the southern central part of the US.  My happier days find me with our grandchildren (yes, with their parents, too, but you know how it is about grandkids), spending time with my wonderful alpha husband (of course!), and family.

My newest joy, though, is sitting at the keyboard, letting the characters in my head write their stories.  They often lead me in directions that surprise me.  I never know when I start out what direction they’ll take or where they’ll end up!

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