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A Billionaire Bad Boy Novel

She bought a date with the notorious cowboy at a charity auction … only she wasn’t prepared for the kind of date he had in mind.

“I’ll never in a million years beg you for anything, let alone to spank me!”

Hunter Scott was like the proverbial toothache who kept popping into her life at the most inopportune times. This time he dangled a carrot her starved body couldn’t resist and turned her life topsy-turvy.

“Now that’s something a man like me can’t refuse. I accept your challenge.”

Rachel Davies was a natural submissive who needed to be brought to life and the one woman the Dom in him craved with a hunger he didn’t bother to suppress any longer. He set out to break down her defenses … one spanking at a time.

Would Rachel be able to trust the rogue cowboy to give up his roaming ways? And when acts of violence threatened to break her, would she be able to overcome the doubts that his affections were true, or would she believe it was only a farce to take her beloved ranch out from under her?

Editor’s Note:

If cowboy hats, jeans, muscles, and a deep southern drawl are what it takes to turn you on, look no further. With the perfect Texan flavored recipe of mystery, heartache, greed, passion, and lust, Rogue Cowboy will lasso your heart and your loins and rope you right in.  



The wolfish grin on his lips widened as he watched her sprint toward the house the moment she recognized him. He caught her on the porch just as she reached for the front door.

“Is there a fire inside? Should I phone the fire department?”

His hand on the doorknob prevented her from running inside and slamming the door in his face. To make matters worse, he was crowding her from behind, so close, she could feel the heat of his body reaching out to hers.

“What do you want, Mr. Scott?”

“Ouch, that sharp tone cuts deep, little girl.”

The blue eyes that shot at him over her shoulder threatened to cut him in two. “I’m not a little girl,” she sneered slowly through her teeth, like she wanted to make sure he understood every word.

His eyes trailed over her beautiful face, a portrait of such perfection that his mind went blank for a moment.

The feelings he’d been coveting for her resurfaced as he gazed at her. She was drop-dead gorgeous and wicked-smart. He felt himself drowning in the sapphire glow of her eyes. Thick, silky strands of dark red hair framed her oval-shaped face with skin that was as smooth as marble. He longed to be reintroduced to the velvet softness of her skin beneath his fingertips. A smile twitched on his lips as her rounded jaw jutted forward stubbornly and her perfect small nose flared under his scrutiny.

He inched closer until his hard body pressed her against the door, flattening her ample breasts in the front and her gorgeously rounded ass from behind. He chuckled when she verbalized her shock at his audacity with an angry gasp.

“What the devil do you think you’re doing?”

“Just checking the validity of your statement.”

The amusement in his voice was enough to spike Rachel’s ire. Without giving it a second thought, she took a small step to the side and snapped her elbow into his gut at the same time as she kicked him hard in the shin with the heel of her boot.

“Fuck!” His bellow echoed through her mind but it had the required effect as he took a step back to nurse his abused shin.

Rachel was through the door and had it slammed and locked before he could stop her. She jumped back from the door as he hammered against it.

“You’re gonna pay for that, little girl. Mark my words, Rachel, I won’t let this pass.”

“You mark my words, Hunter Scott, you don’t scare me, and here’s another little tidbit of information for you, just in case your slow brain still hasn’t gotten the message. Are you listening? Let me say this slowly … Wolf … Creek … isn’t … for … sale. Got that? So, tell your buddy to stop badgering me! I’m not selling.”

“That remains to be seen. Now you listen to me, Rachel Davis. I never make a promise I don’t honor. I’m going to have so much fun listening to your cries as I spank your cute little ass.”

“As if I’d ever allow you to do that,” she sneered at the door.

“Just for that, I’ll even make you beg for more.”

“One thing I can assure you of, Hunter Scott, is that I’ll never in a million years beg you for anything, let alone to spank me!”

“Ahh, baby, now that’s something a man like me can’t refuse.” He rapped his knuckles against the door and she scooted back a few more steps. “I accept your challenge.”

“It wasn’t a challenge, you degenerate cowboy! Now get the hell off my ranch.”

“I’m going, but know this, Rachel. I’ll be back and then—”

“Then nothing because I promise you, Hunter, the next time you set foot on my land, you’ll taste lead.”

His only response was a deep chuckle. One that forced its way inside her soul and triggered an emotion she’d been doing her best to suppress for years. She wrapped her arms around her waist and tiptoed to the window as his footsteps echoed through the door. She watched him swagger to his truck.

“Asshole.” She simmered as he jauntily saluted in her direction with a finger against his brown leather cowboy hat.

Hunter Scott had always been like a burr in her saddle. He pricked where she didn’t want to be. Worse, he made her long for and dream about the kind of debauchery sexual acts she’d read about in the BDSM novels she devoured late at night. Like the taste he’d given her on that …

“I’m not thinking of that night. I’m not!” she croaked as a vision of a night indulging in such debauchery flashed in a mocking reminder through her mind. Just the thought of it made her realize it was little wonder that he always made her stomach lurch when she saw him.

He wasn’t a classically attractive man, but the ruggedness of his features exuded the power of his body and personality which was mirrored by the strong lines of his face. Hunter wasn’t accustomed to losing at anything he embarked on.

His hair was light brown and styled in a short, spiky cut; a perfect companion to his solid and bright eyes, the exact lustrous color of a polished shard of metal.

“He’s so damn hot.” She remembered too well running her finger over his perfect nose, prominent cheekbones, and well-defined chin. His square jaw was highlighted by a slight dimple in the center she’d kissed a couple of times that night. Muscles rippled across every part of his body. He made her think of a seasoned warrior, like a gladiator in those historical movies.

“He might be sexy as hell and the most fuckable cowboy in the county but he’s not for me. For one thing, I’ll never allow him to get his greedy paws on my ranch.” She snorted as she watched the truck drive away. “Spank my ass … in your dreams, big boy. That’s never gonna happen.”



Linzi Basset is an international bestselling fiction writer of suspense filled romance books who refuses to be bound to any one sub-genre. She prefers instead to stretch herself as a storyteller which has resulted in her researching and writing historical and even paranormal themed works. Her initial offering: Club Alpha Cove, reached Amazon’s Bestseller list, and she has been on those lists ever since. Labelling her as prolific is a gross understatement as just a few short years later she has now been published over seventy times.

Linzi believes that by telling stories in her own voice, she can better share with her readers the essence of her being: her passionate nature; her motivations; and her wildest fantasies. Her advice: “Believe in the passions driving your desires; live them; enjoy them; and allow them to bring you happiness.”


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