Golden Angel – Forced Bet

She’s willing to gamble everything for a truly good time. 

Wealthy and privileged, Allison has lived a comfortable and boring life. But it’s a life full of secrets, too. When she finally admits that she’s ready to walk on the wild side, she makes her confession to the one person who has the experience to make all of her fantasies a reality. 

 As handsome and roguish Todd challenges Allison to a less-than-innocent game of poker, she recklessly bets it all – herself included – and gives Todd everything he needs to relieve her of her “good girl” guilt. 


The Poker Loser Trilogy by Golden Angel is making a comeback.

And book one – Forced Bet – is now LIVE!






Then just $2.99 after that.

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Todd was easy to talk to. She didn’t have to stand on her manners, he certainly didn’t, and he didn’t care if she cursed or said whatever was on her mind. The more she drank, the more holes she punched in her verbal filter.

“So, Allison.” Todd leaned forward, his eyes traveling over her face and down her neck to her cleavage, eventually skimming over the skin of her thighs as she fought the instinct to push down the hem of her skirt. Something about the way Todd looked at her made her feel both sexy and vulnerable. “What made you agree to get a drink? I didn’t think you actually were going to say yes.”

Allison snorted. “Well, maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do.”

“Is that an invitation to get to know you better?” Instead of sounding turned on, like other guys who had used that line or one similar to it, he sounded amused. That really got under her skin.

“You wish.” She sipped her martini, looking away, a small knot in her stomach. Allison was used to guys who asked her to dinner, showed up with flowers, and took her somewhere nice. Whatever she was doing here with Todd, it was way outside of her experience and made her feel unsure but excited.

A finger trailed down her thigh, and Allison shivered, becoming wet between her legs. Shocked eyes turned to look at him. Men didn’t just reach out and touch her intimately, certainly not in public. The smirk on his face made her want to slap him… or kiss him, which was just about the stupidest thought she’d ever had.

“What do you wish, Allison?” His voice was lower, more intimate. She found herself leaning toward him without knowing why. The fingers that had just touched her leg brushed across her cheek, sweeping tumbled curls back, tucking them behind her ear. “What do you want?”

God, what a question. What did she want? Allison bit her lip, looking at him. What she wanted, she could never have—a normal life, the option to jump in the sack with the hot man in front of her and have crazy hot sex. But if it ever got out… Even now, she was risking her father’s wrath by being in a bar with him. Of course, no one here should know her, so it shouldn’t get back to her father. She should be safe. This was not behavior he would approve of and would infuriate him—no lower- or middle-class men for his darling girl.

Fingertips trailed across her cheek again, then curved under her chin. Todd’s thumb pressed against her parted lips, rubbing the lower one sensuously. Allison barely managed to stifle the groan in the back of her throat. His dark eyes seemed to burrow into her, reading the rebellious and wild nature she kept carefully confined, hidden away behind the façade and mask of upper-class respectability. With a wrench, Allison leaned back, pulling herself away and giving a half-laugh.

“What do I want? I want to be able to just be me.” Taking a long swallow of her martini to wipe away the bitterness in her voice, she made a face as the words tumbled from her mouth. “Sometimes, I wish someone would just come along and make me do all the things I really want to do. Capture me and take me away. Or blackmail me into doing them, so at least it wouldn’t be my choice, and I wouldn’t have to feel guilty.”

When Todd leaned forward, the movement caught her eye, and she turned to look at him. The intensity in his gaze made her insides tighten in a way she’d never felt before.

“And what do you really want to do?”

Allison looked back at him, into those melting dark eyes that seemed to look into her darkest desires and see her clearly without judgment. Her heartbeat fluttered, increasing as if she was running a race.


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