Cody McCullough is devastated to discover the one woman meant to complete him in every way is in a relationship with his best friend. He manages to keep his disappointment and lust in check until Doug invites him to join them in a scene, but after feeling Olivia’s soft skin and her quivering responses to his touch, he walks away before he does something unforgiveable.

Olivia Harris flees her beloved home town following the sudden death of her first Dom and hurtful rejection of his best friend. It’s not long before she realizes time and distance hasn’t impacted her longing for Cody McCullough and she makes plans to return home. Before leaving, her involvement with an underground rescue network lures her into breaking the law to aid in getting a baby out of harm’s way.

When Cody discovers Olivia’s return, nothing will keep him from claiming his mate this time. His determination to make her his in every way intensifies when he learns why two investigator’s show up in town and are responsible for the fear in her eyes.

When Cody and Olivia finally reveal their secrets, will it be in time to keep Olivia from going to prison or for Cody to convince her to give both his wolf and himself a chance?

Author’s note: – This contemporary romantic suspense contains adult themes such as power exchange and sexual scenes. Please do not purchase if these offend you.



Cody waited until the guys rode out of sight before rounding on Olivia with a determination born of frustration to address the strain she couldn’t hide from him. His heightened senses weren’t nearly as magnified as his wolf’s, but enough for him to notice the slight ripple that went through her body at the mention of the sheriff and the quick flash of alarm that had shone in her eyes. He couldn’t demand answers or even that she talk to him, but he could start now to make up for failing to ensure her well-being and the time lost it had cost both of them.

He scanned the nearest trees, found one that would work, and snatched her hand. “Come over here,” he ordered with a tug.

“Why?” she asked with a telltale breathless catch that pushed all his buttons.

Stopping at the tree just inside a worn path, he reached up and pulled down the sturdy, thick branch that had caught his eye. “Because this is where I want you.” Lifting the hand he held, he wrapped her fingers around the limb. “Grab hold with both hands and don’t let go. Understood?” He nudged his hat back and drilled her with a stern look meant to convey his willingness to take over for her.

Olivia never took her eyes off his as a myriad of emotions flitted across her face—wariness, then a hint of lust, and finally, relief. Nodding, she grasped the lowered branch with her other hand, the move twisting her sideways to him. As soon as he released his stronger hold, the tree limb sprung upward, stretching her arms, her strength not enough to hold it down for long.

“Very good, sweetheart,” he murmured close to her ear when she stayed in position. Reaching for the hem of her top, he pushed it up and trailed one hand over her soft abdomen, enjoying the contraction of her smooth muscles. “I don’t like your unwillingness to talk to me but understand your reluctance, given our limited relationship. But,”—he flicked open the front clasp of her bra, and she sucked in a deep breath that lifted her breasts—“we start rectifying that here and now.” Circling a nipple, he teased the pink bud until she twisted her torso to entice a closer touch, a signal he’d been aiming for.

“There you go. That’s what I want, Olivia, you talking to me, using whatever means you’re comfortable with. Body language can work in place of verbal, sometimes even better.” Grasping her nipple between thumb and forefinger, he toyed with the rigid bud, pulling, squeezing and plucking until she let her breath out with a whoosh.

“I don’t… I’m a private person,” she finally managed, arching into his hand.

“You can keep your secrets,” he said, loosening her jeans with his other hand, his mouth still at her ear. “For now.” A frown appeared between her eyes, a small sign of annoyance at his high-handed comment but didn’t faze him. He liked her independence. It was the childhood aloneness and burdensome responsibility that lay behind it he didn’t care for and intended to change by being here for her, in whatever capacity she needed.

“Cody… oh, God.” She moaned as he pinched her nipple to cut off her protest.

“Trust me to know what you need, what you want even better than you. Can you do that?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.” She shook her head, sending the thick fall of her auburn hair swinging across her upper shoulders.

“I can work with that.”

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