Brandy Golden – A Lass Worth Fighting For


If she plays with fire, will she get burned?


Kellina has known the deep anguish of losing her soulmate. However, her vow to never love again is shaken to the core when she meets Forbes MacColloch, an intensely attractive and compelling man despite his scars. Desire she thought long dead rises from the ashes of the past and begins to flicker into flame once more.

Bitter, disillusioned and forsaken by his fiancé, Forbes MacColloch has no intention of ever getting involved with another woman until Kellina Duncan slips into the crack of his wounded soul. He’ll never love another woman, but perhaps he can have her over his knee and in his bed without a lasting commitment.

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Feeling frustrated, Kellina suddenly grabbed the liquor bottle and threw it off the cliff.

            “Hey—that’s mine, ye brat!”

            She faced him, her hands on her hips and her eyes turning dark as she scowled down at him. “I’m nae a brat, it’s ye who are the brat,” she snapped. “I dinna know anything about yere surgery, Corny never mentioned it. It’s none of my business if ye want to lounge on the cliffside feeling sorry for yereself instead of doing something about it.”

            He reached up and grabbed her hands, pulling her forward until she was bent down where he could put one large hand behind her head and draw her mouth to his.

Kellina didn’t fight him. She found she wanted to taste him, and he tasted good, like salt air and dominant male. Her head spinning, she didn’t object when he lifted her and sat her in his lap, his mouth swooping down to claim hers again. The punishing kisses soon turned gentle as he explored her mouth, one arm behind her back and the other slipping under her sweatshirt to find the pebbly surface of a nipple beneath silky material.

She moaned and arched into it, losing herself in the spicy scent of him and the drugging pleasure of his kiss. Her hand lifted to comb through his hair as she’d wanted to do the first time they’d met, feeling the texture against her sensitive fingertips. When his exploring mouth left her lips, she gasped as it nibbled against the silky skin of her neck.

“Poe—ye have to stop.”

            Their eyes locked with each other, both panting slightly.

 “I owe ye a spanking, but now is not the time nor the place,” he growled, his black eyes pinning her in a hot glare.

            “Ye didna need the scotch,” she retorted defiantly, struggling to get free of him.

            “It wasna yeres to throw away.” 

He held her easily in spite of her struggles, which only made her angry.

            “Let me go,” she hissed. “I can’t believe ye pulled me into your lap when ye’ve been in such pain.”

            “Ye took all the knots out so I’m not in pain right now,” he returned, mocking her efforts to get free by holding both her wrists in one large hand. “Me todger salutes ye, as I’m sure ye can tell.”

            She could certainly feel his manhood against her hip, and she trembled with the sudden need to feel him inside her. What was it about this infuriating man that made her hungry with desire when no one else had even turned her pot lukewarm in the last three years?

            “I’m not above biting if ye dinna let go of me,” she threatened.

            “Ye bite me, lass, and I’ll turn ye over and blister yere arse, and I dinna care who’s watching.”


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