HANNAH & THE DOM NEXT DOOR                 


Welcome to Saturday Spankings!  This week I’m sharing a snippet from HANNAH & THE DOM NEXT DOOR and Hannah’s introduction to erotic spanking.


“I really liked this story because it takes a strong author to tie in BDSM with an Amish upbringing.  Wane gives us the hesitancy from someone not involved in the lifestyle as they tiptoe across the water into the territory of something new.  If you haven’t read Wane yet, this one is a must read.”
Nichols Reviews   5 Stars

“I found this book well written with a unique plot.  I enjoyed the twists and turns that kept this book interesting.  I had a hard time putting this book down.  Overall, this was a very entrancing book and I hope to see these characters again soon.”
Cocktails and Books   4 1/2 Stars


     Struggling with the recent discontent with his life made Mitch Burnett wish he hadn’t promised his neighbor he’d look in on her niece while she was housesitting for the summer.  An Amish widow, he was sure she was going to be a prudish, bible thumbing pain in the ass.  Much to his surprise, Hannah Hershberger was nothing like his preconceived notions made her out to be.  His immediate response to the full curves her plain clothing couldn’t hide as well as to the innocent surprise and interest reflected on her pretty face took him off guard, especially since the pure, wholesome girl next door type was not for a man as sexually dominant as he.  Determined to keep his lust in check, he swore he’d keep his distance from Hannah unless she needed some neighborly help.  But Mitch wasn’t prepared for Hannah’s determination to meet her challenges head on, which included her attraction to him.

     Hannah was looking forward to spending the summer tackling the challenges of immersing herself into the modern world, but none of those challenges had included her body’s response to her neighbor.  The closeness of his tall, thickly muscled body brought about sensations she had only felt when making love with her husband.  After discovering her responses weren’t a fluke, she brazenly asks Mitch to have sex with her, thinking a one-night stand would put an end to those irritating, stimulating feelings.

     Unable to resist, Mitch tables his more dominant urges to spend a night with Hannah.  What started out as a one-time thing soon turned into an affair when she realizes how much had been missing from her marriage bed.  Each time Hannah embraces something new, Mitch discovers he wants more until he finally introduces her to his more dominate practices at his club.  It took an assault on Hannah and a terrible loss to make her question how far she was willing to stray from her moral beliefs for the sake of pleasure and sends her running back to her roots to find the answers.   

My 8 sentence teaser

“I’m going to show you how much fun ass play can be,” Mitch answered as he stroked her buttocks over her panties.
“But, that’s….”  She stuttered to a stop trying to come up with the appropriate adjective.

 “Arousing, exciting?”

“Indecent,” she snapped back not caring for the accuracy of his definition despite her elevated arousal.

      “Bullshit.  Touching your ass is no more indecent than arousing you by touching your breasts or your pussy.”  Mitch slapped her right buttock hard enough to sting, not hard enough to hurt.  “You agreed to sex on my terms, Hannah.  Are you ready to call it quits so soon?”   

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