Just finished a Virginia Bluebloods Christmas novella featuring Dale and Eli, titled BOUND BY TWO.  Thank you to all who hinted they wanted these two to have their own story-great idea!  I hope you enjoy the following snippet featuring Dani’s second visit to The Warehouse.

Dani didn’t know who they were talking about and tuned them out after Cindy winked up at her from her position at her husband’s feet.  She smiled at the other woman, wondering at the pleasure reflected on her face.  Did she really enjoy such a strict, subservient lifestyle?  Her physical response couldn’t be hidden seeing as she knelt there naked, her nipples tight, little nubs, a telltale damp sheen glistening on the denuded folds of her labia.  Then again, the look of pure contentment in her eyes as she laid her head on her husband’s thigh and he settled a hand on her head and idly sifted through the long blonde strands of her hair had a pang of longing squeezing her heart.  That look reinforced and added to everything that had been missing from her own marriage, through no one’s fault but her own.

Then Eli and Dale crowded closer to her, pressing their much larger frames against her sides, pinning her arms behind their shoulders, and all other thoughts flew out of her head.  She struggled not to panic when she couldn’t free her arms, then they slid their hands under her skirt hem to rest just above her knees and her panic took a different course.

“Be still.”
Dale’s low voiced command worked as an effective balm coating her skittish nerves, but she still held her breath, waiting in anxious silence to see how far they would go.  They never broke stride in their conversation with the other two men as they inched their hands up, Eli tickling her inner thigh with feather light fingertip touches, Dale circling his palm back and forth. 
Eli nodded to Dale, and she knew that was a silent communication for….something.  She found out what when they lifted her thighs over theirs, her skirt falling between her spread legs the only thing covering her bare crotch from the view of the others.
Heat enveloped her core and her face as she recalled her panty-less state, and the closer they maneuvered up her leg, taking her skirt with them, the hotter she became.  She didn’t dare look across at the other people, but knowing they watched sent her pulse into overdrive. 
“You’re so fucking soft,” Eli whispered in her ear.  “I’d love to sink my cock between your legs, little one.”  He ended his provocative statement with a nip on the soft flesh of her neck.
She couldn’t respond, didn’t dare look at him in fear of begging him to do just that.  Her pussy swelled more and more with each inch closer those diabolical hands moved in that direction.  Then Dale leaned down, whispering, “Is your pussy as soft as your thighs, Dani?  I want my mouth on you, I want to hear you scream as I swallow your cum.”  He ended his outrageous, arousal spiking words with a tight squeeze of her leg before resuming those tantalizing circles.

     Just as they reached the apex of her thighs and groin, the end of her skirt now touching her labia, they pulled back and put her legs down.  That couldn’t be a stab of disappointment she felt, could it?  She didn’t get a chance to search for an answer because they stood, helped her stand on legs gone rubbery, tossed out “Later,” as a farewell to their friends then guided her toward the equipment end of the room.

Want more?  Check in next Wednesday for the rest of this scene!


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