As promised, I’ve returned to WIPWEDNESDAY 

with the rest of last week’s scene from my upcoming Virginia Bluebloods novella, BOUND BY TWO.  Enjoy!

Picking up where we left off………..

Dani drew comfort from the way they kept her pressed between them as they passed a short wall of potted plants, but frustration still kept her tense.  “What’s behind there?” she asked when she saw a few heads above the plants.
“You’re not ready for that corner.”  Eli tugged her toward a chain station.  “Now, I’d love to bind you like Candie here.  Doesn’t she look pretty?”
The young receptionist’s pale buttocks bore several red stripes from the multi strand flogger the man standing behind her wielded.  Dani jerked along with Candie at the next strike, the look of pleasure/pain crossing the other woman’s face when she turned her head sideways adding to her curiosity.  She remembered the flash of hot pleasure in her core when Eli squeezed her buttock, but those leather strands looked and sounded wicked.
“I don’t think I’d like being bound.”  The unexpected thrill she experienced when they had trapped her arms between them made a lie of that statement, but they didn’t need to know that.
“I bet we can prove you wrong.”
Her eyes flew up to Dale’s face, his drawn brows and the censure in those blue eyes a jarring reminder of how astute they both were, like seeing through a lie.  Excitement flittered inside her, caused her stomach to cramp and her heart to race.  Who knew mere words and hot glances could be so arousing, so liberating?  Unlike Trevor, they were open and honest about what they wanted from her.
“What…how?”  Unable to articulate a complete sentence, she breathed a sigh of relief when Eli pulled her back against his chest and took over.
“Just say no if we go to far.” 
Drawing her arms behind her, he shackled her wrists together with one of his hands, effectively binding her against his hard frame.  There was freedom in knowing she had a choice, and, as Dale reached up to unbutton her top right there in the middle of the room, she made no move to stop him.  The embers of her arousal left simmering from their earlier touches sparked into flames, but her inexperience still forced her eyes away from his to see who might be watching.  His quiet command, “Keep your eyes on me, Dani,” drew them right back.  He kept his eyes on her face as he worked several small buttons loose, and that small, considerate gesture went a long way in making this first experience easier for her.  It helped thinking he had as much interest in her, and her feelings and responses, as he did her body. 
“Excellent, little one.” 
Eli’s praise followed with nibbling kisses down her arched neck, adding to the goosebumps popping up as Dale pushed her top down to just above her elbows and flicked open her bra.  Cool air wafted over her exposed breasts as they bounced free of their tight confines, her nipples puckering in anticipation as Eli released her wrists, brought both arms around and lifted her breasts for Dale’s descending mouth.  Her automatic attempt to bring her arms around met with the resistance of her top now binding them behind her, her sheath growing damper as she succumbed to their control.   
“Yes or no?”  Dale blew on turgid peak, waiting with bated breath for her answer.
“Oh, God, yes, yes.” she moaned, desperate for something she couldn’t put a name to.

Dale pulled his eyes away from the need reflected behind those glasses to dip his head and wrap his lips around one enticing, turgid peak.  She tasted as sweet as he imagined, her gasp of pleasure increasing the hot rush of lust her surrender sent spiraling through his bloodstream.  Gripping her hips to still her restless shifting, he suckled her with strong pulls, laved her areole with his tongue then sunk his teeth into the berry tip. 

Chuckling at her low curse, he lifted his head and gazed into those expressive eyes again.  “Something wrong, sweetie?”

Her nipple throbbing, she didn’t look away from the knowing smirk on his face.  “No, nothing.”  That sharp sting fed her budding arousal, and she wasn’t about to let another startling reaction to a bit of pain force her to say something that would end this too soon.

“Good.”  Returning to her impressive rack, he drew on her opposite nipple, nibbling the cherry nub and biting back a grin as she pushed her abundant flesh closer to his mouth.  But it wasn’t her awesome breasts that had pleased both him and Eli tonight but the way she continued to put on such a brave front for a newbie, didn’t back away from the kink or her response to it.  She held such promise in her curvy little body.  If only she would share more of herself than her soft flesh and heady responses.

Drawing deep on her nipple, he felt Eli kneading the malleable flesh he held, his hands making an excellent shelf for her pretty breasts.  But she hid more treasures he ached to plunder so he released the hard little nub with a long pull and plop the went to one knee in front of her.  Looking up, he slowly lifted her skirt, watched her eyes widen, her pupils dilate as he leaned over and nipped her inner thigh then laved the red mark with two strokes of his tongue.

Dani leaned her head back against Eli’s shoulder, shaking from sensory overload already and he hadn’t even gotten near her crotch.  Neither the mingling people nor the sounds of pleasure and pain and sex echoing behind them could distract her from the building lust pulsing through her veins with every inch he traveled with his mouth up her leg. 
“Relax, let go and trust us to catch you when you fly,” Eli murmured, his hard hands never letting up on squeezing her breasts in a way she found just as exciting as Dale’s mouth on her nipples. 
It alarmed her how fast she responded to them, but did she have a choice, really?  Her sheath throbbed even before she felt his lips on her labia, his thumbs pulling her open for the invasion of his tongue and fingers.  Once, just once her husband had gone down on her, and that short experience couldn’t compare to the slow, tortuous attention Dale gave her sensitive flesh.  She whimpered when he stroked his tongue over her clit, pressed her hips closer to his face, hoping to entice him into moving faster, deeper.  A sharp bite on one fold turned her whimper into a startled cry.  That one hurt.
Ouch!  Why’d you do that?”  Their low chuckles told her what a stupid question that was, or maybe the gush of moisture that pain elicited gave her her answer.
Dale popped his head out from under her skirt.  “Do you really want me to take the time to answer that silly question?”   
   Eli rasped his thumbs over her nipples just as she replied, “No,” on a low moan of frustration.
“I didn’t think so.” 

Yes, there’s more…..check back next week for the conclusion of this scene.

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