I’ve returned to WIP It Up Wednesday for the last installment on my scene from BOUND BY TWO.  Release date for this Virginia Bluebloods Christmas novella is December 7th!

Now, where were we?  Yes, I believe we left off here:

He returned to his treasure, liking her taste, her lust and her.  Using two fingers, he probed deep into her damp pussy, the tight clutch of her slick walls making it difficult to pull back.  And just how fucking awesome was that?  He caught the next spate of moisture on his tongue when he found that special spot each woman had.  Her startled cry, as if she’d never experienced such pleasure, added to his curiosity about her.  She was old enough to have had several lovers.  Why did he get the sense these sensations were new to her?

Shoving that curious thought aside for now, he worked his fingers in and out as he licked her core and, every once in a while, gifted her with a slow glide over her taut, swollen bundle of nerves.  She tightened her soft thighs around his head, increased her hip thrusts against his mouth and kept up a litany of soft, frustrated groans, but she didn’t beg him to stop or hurry.  He doubted she knew that was what he was waiting for, so he kept at her, stroking, licking, sucking.

The exalted pleasure sweeping her from head to toe was already more than she had felt before, yet Dani continued to teeter on the cusp of something bigger, something Dale refused to give her.  She struggled again to release her hands, wanting to clasp his head and hold him in place, but her top kept her trapped as securely as Eli’s hand.  A sob escaped when he lashed her clit once, twice, three times, then retreated right before those tiny pulses could erupt into something…..more.
Eli released her breasts to take her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and twist, giving her a hint what to do to get what she wanted.  “Tell him, Dani.  You want it, tell him.”
“What?  Doesn’t he know?”  She found that hard to believe and his amused chuckle confirmed that wasn’t the case.
“Oh, he knows, but he wants to hear it from you.”
Oh, God, could she?   Then again, what choice did she have if she not only wanted to end this tortuously slow build-up, but to discover where it could lead? 
“Remember to address him properly,” Eli reminded her.  “You don’t want him to stop as a reprimand, do you?”
“No!”  Her exclamation was met with more chuckles from both of them and, if she wasn’t mistaken, a few others.  Ignoring everything but that pinnacle hovering just out of her reach, she sucked in a deep breath and managed to say, “Sir, please,” before she faltered.
Since Dale was close to his breaking point, he’d take what he could get, for now.  Pulling his slick coated fingers from the hot furnace of her pussy, he reached behind her and clasped her buttocks, holding her still for his onslaught.  Wrapping his lips around her swollen tissue, he suckled with strong pulls followed by tongue lashing followed by a sharp nip that set her off like a firecracker. 
Dani screamed as she burst apart from the mind boggling, intense pleasure he unleashed on her unsuspecting body and mind.  Colored lights exploded behind her closed lids as the ecstasy fragmented her into a million pieces.  How long he kept at her, how many times he drove her up she had no idea.  She only knew if this was an example of what she’d been missing out on, no matter the outcome of her marriage, she wouldn’t be returning to her old ways.

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