I’ve got a teasing snippet from my new release, BOUND BY TWO, to share with you on SATURDAY SPANKINGS today.  Big thank you to everyone who hinted they wanted Dale and Eli to have their own story-good idea!

My eight lines:

Stepping away from her, he kicked a large exercise ball over in front of her then laid his hands on her shoulders with one word.  “Kneel.”

Curious and excited, she knelt before the enormous ball then sucked in a deep breath as he urged her to lay over it.  “Eli… ow!  A sharp slap on her right buttock caught her by surprise, not particularly painful, but the warm tingle that rebuke left behind went straight to her core in an arrow of heat.
“That’s Master Eli.”  Leaning over her, he arranged her breasts to lay flat against the rounded curve of the ball then clasped her left hand.  With the short ties attached to the small handles on the side, he bound her wrist then moved to do the same with her right hand, finishing with another slap on her ass, this one a touch harder.  “You redden very nice, little one.”

If you haven’t checked out this series yet, now’s a good time-books 2-4 are all on sale for $2.99 until December 22nd, book 1 just $0.99!

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